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10th-Dec-2015 06:57 pm - [sticky post] Hello
I need a place to vent sometimes. So, here I am. Drop me a line while you're here.

I used to post here. I'm going to put up some of the highlights if back-dating is still a thing. I've long forgotten who most people are on here, but I'm real happy that Neko's Kao Kitties is still available.
9th-Jun-2016 08:31 am(no subject)
I spent three months at a terrible company that is now closed, as part of my employment with a temp agency. Have you ever stayed on at a terrible place in hope of future success? Yeah, well, that temp agency didn't give me anything else. I would've walked off the job if I had known the agency wouldn't keep me going.

I hired on with a different temp agency. I have a degree and a couple years experience and still couldn't find a full time job. And then that temp agency didn't place me for about three weeks before I finally found a full time job. You have no idea how awful this is until you've been there. At that point, since none of the job boards seemed to be working, my plan was to put business cards at the walls of various Cub Foods stores and then if that failed, to go sit at bars and try to hit people up. Remember, accounting has one the best job-placement rates of all the degrees out there.

Anyways, I've found a job now. It's 30 hours a week at a startup, so lots of people passed this one up and I was pretty uncertain at first. They import coffee roasters from China and they come on boat shipments that take a month or two and they get a new one each month. It's about 40 roasters each shipment, and the next one that arrives and the one after that are already sold out.

So I was worried this might be a place with no business but they're actually doing pretty well. Plus, there's always coffee on in the office. And there's a dog in the office next door! I generally see her once a day or so.

My first job out of school, the owners were taking out way too much money. The wife of one of them was working ten hours a week but got to buy Gucci handbags every couple of months. Then their credit card would occasionally get denied when maintenance tried to buy a part on it. The main problem, of course, is that the people I was working with were so terrible, that I went to a therapist to get help with it. Ah, if only they could see me now. I'm at a relaxed place, with business booming, at a company that manages its money reasonably and has no problems with debt at all.

I had three weeks of terror, pretty much, with filing job applications all over the place. I had a similar gap between temp agencies in February/March. But I've come out in a good place now.
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